What to Expect


You can expect a warm welcome from a loving family.  We have classes for all ages to suit you and your family. Our worship time consists of the 5 acts that are commanded of the new testament Church.

1: Singing– Accapella singing

2: Praying

3: The Lords Supper – Partaking of the bread and fruit of the vine each 1st day of the week in remembrance of our Savior Jesus Christ

4: Teaching– A lesson straight from the Bible, the inspired words of God. Each lesson always ends with an invitation to respond to the message; whether you need prayers of the church or you are ready to accept Christ and be baptized into his church. We are here for you!

5: Collection – Giving a portion back that God has so richly blessed us with.


So what do we expect from you?

We only want you to come and get ready to experience a loving church family! We expect you to be ready to learn, and leave uplifted and better than you came.  We’re people from all walks of life, worshiping and serving our awesome God together. So come see us!